"May you be happy!" The emphasis is on "you." Shared happiness means double happiness!

The idea

Good idea, good deed

MAY YOU BE HAPPY: Made for people who enjoy fashion and beautiful things. And thereby know that there are more important than fashion fun. For example, charity.

Photoart by Photocircle

Zest for life

"May you be happy“ will boost your mood: for those who proclaim it, to those who hear it.

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Fair but cheap

Our numbers are small, so we are already not cheap. We promise: Our shirts are of very good quality, our prices are calculated fairly!

About us


We don't want to generate corporate profits for only a few. Our motto: you feel good when you do good!

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Organic features

Our shirts are mostly made ​​of quality cotton from controlled organic cultivation and produced mainly in Germany and Poland. Even short transport distances are good for the environment!

More Info

Promise of happiness

The motivation MAY YOU BE HAPPY makes every T-shirt to a wonderful gift. For others, for yourself because it makes you happy to make other people happy.

Ways to happiness



MAY YOU BE HAPPY: eco & fair, shipping free within Germany